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Propan TLC Drops is an orange-flavored vitamin preparation with Taurine plus Chlorella Growth Factor. It is recommended as a dietary supplement for infants to help promote growth, strength, and good health.
Generic Name:
Vitamins with Chlorella and Taurine
Propan TLC Drops 15mL and 30mL
Therapeutic Class:
Multivitamins w/o Minerals
Mode of Action:
Propan TLC contains the following vitamins:

Vitamin A — It enhances the immune function of the body. Vitamin A protects the heart, skin and retina to improve vision.

Vitamin B Complex — B vitamins are vital for proper breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in food into energy for normal growth and development. It is required to make hormones and normal red blood cells healthy. It is important for mental functions, especially the memory, and in the nervous system.

Vitamin C — It is an important vitamin and antioxidant used to keep the body strong and healthy. Vitamin C is used in the maintenance of bones, muscle, and blood vessels. It also assists in the formation of collagen and helps the body absorb iron.

Vitamin D3 — Essential in calcium absorption to make bones strong, and to keep the immune system healthy.

Vitamin E — It has the ability to unite oxygen and prevent Vitamin C and B complex from being converted into toxic peroxides, thus leaving the red blood cells fully supplied with pure oxygen which the blood carries to the heart and other organs. Also, it plays an essential role in making muscles and nerves function with less oxygen, thereby increasing their endurance and stamina.

Taurine — Plays an important role in the brain as a potent neuroprotectant. Promotes the survival and proliferation of neurons.

Chlorella Growth Factor — Potential food and energy source (good source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals). An excellent component to enhance a child’s growth
Propan TLC Drops is recommended as a dietary supplement for infants to help promote growth, strength and good health.
Dosage / Direction of Use:
7 months to 2 years old: 0.6 mL once daily
1. When is the best time to take Propan TLC Drops?
The best time to take Propan TLC Drops is in the morning.

2. Can moms give Propan TLC Drops together with additional Vitamin C for their kids?
For Propan TLC Drops which only gives 24% RENI (Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes) Vitamin C, breastfeeding may help to supplement the daily requirements of infants.


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